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Annually the leading cause of firefighter death is heart attacks. While many of us may be predisposed to cardiac problems, most of us are our own worst enemy. 
We over eat. We chow down on junk food like there is no tomorrow. Imagine, a firefighter smoking! All of this on top of stressful, physically demanding work environment. So what can you do about about. Get of the Olivia Newton John said, "Let's get physical". is going to try to help you. Motivate you... How? Nothing else has worked so far. How about competition? Are firefighters competitive? You bet. NEVER, EVER let someone beat you in your first due! NEVER EVER let someone get to the fire floor before you. Maybe we're got something here!
Monday February 18, the Fit for Fire program will kick off and it will end on April 1. We want you to select individuals from your fire station to participate.

Now for the fun stuff....

  • Each fire station/department can enter as many teams as they'd like. Each team must be clearly identified. For example, if ENGINE 287 has three team entering, each team will have it's own team designation and will be responsible for submitting the information weekly to
  • Each team will be comprised of 5 firefighters. Each team will select a team leader who will track the progress of the team. 
  • Initially, each team member will weigh-in and will take waist measurements. This information will be recorded and e-mailed to at the start of the program.  Please send us your information by Monday, February 18. If possible, take a photo the team before the contest begins.
  • Weekly, the team leader will be responsible for insuring that a new weigh-in occurs and new measurements are taken.
  • After all information is received at withthecommand, the information summary (not individual achievements) will be posted. 
  • Cumulatively, each pound lost by the team is worth one point per pound. Each inch lost of the waist line is worth an additional five points.
  • The honestly and integrity of each team is essential. If you cheat, you're only cheating yourself.
  • will award, upon completion of the contest, shirts to the top three teams. Winning teams and their fire stations will be featured in a story on Other consolation prizes will be awarded.
  • Individuals participating this the Fit for Fire contest may want to consult their physician prior to participation.
  • If you have any questions, please mail