Franconia Volunteers
New York's newest Heros

"We helped a great deal of injured people at the scene.  Our department was almost caught in the collapse but our firefighters were able to make it into the subway. We lost a lot of good friends both from FDNY and NYPD.  We did sustain damage to our fire truck and lost 90% of our fire equipment at the scene. So, at this time, we are out of service for fire response. We will still respond to medical calls in our department van. We hope to be back in full response service as soon as possible...." Chief William Rivera

Update: 2/15/02 Chief Rivera called today and reported that Franconia Volunteer Fire Department Located in Fairfax,VA is donating a 1988 E-ONE. "We will be back in service soon, I can't believed how the brothers came through for us" Chief Rivera said. We have the hose we need now, the one thing we need is to replaced a few more 4.5 Scott bottles and we need a rabbit tool.

Aviation Volunteer Fire Company is located in the Bronx, New York, on Gildersleeve Avenue. Along side of their career counterparts, they responded to the disaster at the
World Trade Center on September, 11, 2001.

Willliam Rivera, chief of the company said, "We took a big hit on 9-11. Our fire engine, a 1980 American LaFrance FDNY rig (former Engine 63) was damaged but not destroyed. We are trying to get the engine repaired.  It would be great if we could get a late model engine donated to the department. We really appreciate that is assisting us on this effort."

Operation Bootstrap is a campaign to raise money.
What we need..
  • 4.5 Scott harnesses and cylinders
  • Rabbit Tool

We have targeted PG County, Maryland, as the kick off location to start the boot drive.

In the next 3 weeks we will be visiting every fire company in Prince George's County, Maryland on boot drive for the brothers. Please reach out and do the same. Just send in the donation to the above address. When you send in your checks drop us and email we will post your donation on-line as a thank you! 

Aviation Volunteers are part of America's Bravest, FDNY. WithTheCommand salutes The Vollies in The Hood and pledge our continuing support.

PO BOX 1053
Bronx, NY 10473-1053
(718) 893-4600 
Fax:  (718) 893-4644