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February 13, 2004
Rescue in DC
by Alan Etter
Units responded at 8:41 AM for the report of a construction accident on the grounds of the US Capitol.  First arriving firefighters found that a 22-year-old construction worker had fallen from some scaffolding on the site where a visitors center is being constructed.
The distance of the fall was approximately 30 feet into an open construction pit.  Squad 1 established a below grade rescue while Fire/EMS evaluated the patient.
Utilizing on on-scene crane, the patient was lifted in a Stokes basket to the top of the pit, where medics provided further treatment.  
The man was then transported to MedStar suffering from head trauma and possible internal injuries.  The cause of the man's fall is currently under investigation.

E03, T07, BC2, R1, R3, SAFO, A30, R12, EMS16, SO2