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February 2, 2004
Worcester fire causes $200,000 in damages
Photos and Story by Scott Laprade

A three-alarm fire in Worcester, MA, on January 30th caused about $200,000 damage to a large 3-story Queen Anne type home.  
It is believed the fire was deliberately set to the occupied apartment building. 

The fire was difficult to contain as fire was up in the attic and cupola area and 4 firefighters were inside when the fire flashed and nearly burned the firefighters.  

Reports indicated that when the fire flashed the 4 men rolled down the front stairs to the exit.  

 A total of 9 Engines, 3 Ladders and 2 Tower Ladders were on scene.  It took about 90 minutes to bring the blaze under control.  
Cold temperatures made firefighting conditions difficult as firefighters battled the fire.  The fire also displaced 11 adults and 9 children.  

Since the beginning of this year, Worcester has had a series of fires that have predominately fire-related, displaced about 120 people according to the Red Cross emergency service.  

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