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February 17, 2004

Room off on 53rd Place 
courtesy of BVFD
In Prince Georges County, MD at 1815 hours units were alerted to 3904 53rd Place for the apartment fire with people trapped. As E-92 and the Truck arrived with 10 men and the Chief, we found fire showing from a first floor apartment. 

After gaining entry into the apartment, the Truck crew started an aggressive search which proved to be negative, as the nozzleman Gary Katz Jr. made quick work of the fire.

The primary search was conducted in the adjacent apartments and the floors above by crews from Company 13 & 30. The fire was under control in minutes and command held the units from 9 & 22 for overhaul. Units cleared within 2 hours.

Chief 9 had the command 
Engines Co's 9, 30, 4, 13, & 2
Truck Co's 7, 2 and 9
Rescue Squad 22