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February 10, 2004

Townhouse fire in Seat Pleasant, MD
courtesy of Seat Pleasant FD

On February 9th , Engine 81 and Chief 8 on first due townhouse fire. Less than two hours after returning from the fire on Dent St, Engine 81 and Chief 8 were back on the street to the 7400 Blk of Walker Mill Drive in Seat Pleasant, MD,  for a townhouse on fire. 

Chief 8, responding as Battalion Chief 1, arrived with heavy fire showing from the garage of a middle of the row townhouse. Engine 81 arrived and ran a line through the front door and into the garage making a quick knock and a good stop on the fire.

The garage was piled up with lots of items including clothes, flammable liquids and metals making the fire more intense. The fire was extinguished by Engine 81 and did not extend any further than the garage.

Engine 81 and Tower 33 were held for about 3 hours for overhaul. Chief 8 as Battalion Chief 1 had the command.