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January 14, 2004 
House burns in Wilmington, DE
photo by T.J. Healy II
In Delaware, Wilmington Fire Department units were dispatched to 1408 West 3rd Streetat 0610 hours, to answer a report from the resident at 1406 that smoke was coming from the house. 

The reporting person was aroused by the smoke detector in her residence. On arrival, units were faced with a heavy smoke condition with a heavy fire condition showing from the first floor in the rear of the residence. The fire building is described as a 2 story, brick, middle of the row, single family dwelling. The initial fire building suffered extensive damage to both floors, with extension to the dwelling on either side. 

The dwelling at 1410 had fire damage from the fire spreading through the wall, and the dwelling at 1406 suffered smoke damage. The initial fire building and the house at 1410 were vacant at the time of the fire and were partially boarded up. The rear of the dwellings was accessible. 30 firefighters brought the blaze under control at 0654 hours. Firefighters experienced difficulties in fighting the fire due ice created by the cold weather and freezing temperatures. There were no injuries to civilians or firefighters.

An investigation by the Wilmington Fire Department Fire Marshal’s Office determined the fire to be Arson. The damage to the home was placed at $40,000. There are no suspects. The vacant homes were turned over to the Licenses and Inspection Division of the City and they were to secure the residences.