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January 8, 2004 
Fatal fire in PG County
courtesy of Chief Randy Kuenzli, Fire Chief
Bladensburg Volunteer Fire Dept

With light snow falling, units had to use extreme caution while responding.  P.S.C.C. was receiving multiple calls on this assignment.  E-384 and Squad-22 arrived to find smoke showing, with an occupant still missing.  Squad 22 went to work starting the primary search.  

Chief 9 arrived and established the Chapel Oaks Command.  Upon arrival fire was evident from side A.  At the same time command requested an additional special service brining Truck 9 with 6 personnel from Addison and Kenilworth, which was first arriving Truck company assisting Squad 22. 
E-93 and TS-9 with 11 personnel  arrived along with E-81 and secured the water supply for E-384.  With 38's crew making entry and no back up line in place, the Telesquirt crew advanced a 400' line from the hydrant.  With E-384 starting to darken the fire down, Truck 9's Bar Man Brad Mummaw and a firefighter from Company 38 found a 14 year old female and removed her from the intense heat.

Unfortunatly the female had succumb to her injuries.   The fire was brought under control in 25 minutes. Units operated on the fireground until 0800 hours.