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January 19, 2004
Child rescued in Waldorf MD 
Courtesy of Waldorf VFD 
Units from Waldorf, MD, responded for a report of a small child trapped in a pond behind a residence on Council Oak Drive. While units were enroute, Communications advised several Sheriffs Office units were on the scene with a small child that had fallen through the ice into the water approximately 65 feet from shore and they were attempting enter the water. Minutes later, Rescue Squad 3 and Engine 32 arrived on the scene to find the child still in the freezing water. Several CCSO officers had attempted to swim out to the child but were unable to get more than a few feet from shore before turning back. Lt. Phil Stevens and F/F Andrew Rimm had donned the cold-water suits while enroute in the back of Rescue Squad 3 and immediately entered the water upon arriving at the scene.
While the inflatable boat was being prepared, a lifeline was attached to Lt. Stevens and he successfully swam out to the child with a life preserver. Lt Stevens stopped just short of the child and threw the life preserver ahead, however the child advised he was unable to move and could not reach it. Lt. Stevens then swam up behind the child and was able to grab onto him safely. As soon as Lt. Stevens grabbed the child, the firefighters onshore pulled them both back to safety by the lifeline. The child was immediately turned over to the waiting EMS units with signs of severe hypothermia. As the ambulance and Medic crews worked on the child, Engine 32 responded to Chaney Ball Field where MSP Trooper 2 had already arrived on scene. Ambulance 38 transported the child to the landing site where he was then transferred to the waiting helicopter. The child, along with his mother, was then flown to Children's Hospital Center in Washington DC