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January 22, 2004
Working fire in Lancaster County, PA
courtesy of Rohrerstown Fire Company
On Thursday, January,1 5 , Rohrerstown Fire Company responded to  three boxes. The first was a first due assignment that was nothing. Upon clearing that assignment, Tower 67 went to 719 (Hempfield) for the reported apartment on fire. 

Crews assisted with interior operations and cleared quickly. On there way home communications put out the Box for 2300 Dairy Road (East Peteís District) for the working house fire. Engine 671 and the Tower were due on the box.

First on scene were Rescue 23 and Rescue 66 who were both clearing the 719 Box. Rescue 23 stretched a line to the garage, while Tower 67 and Engine 671 stretched two 2.5ís. Members split sides, one crew attacked the garage and one made entry on side 3. 

The tower crew searched the apartment on side 2/3 while the engine searched for the fire. Engine crews made the attic and began to encounter a decent heat build up. Crews then repositioned to the second floor where they found heavy smoke pushing from the walls. Before the line could be brought up, the heat and fire pushed members back down to the first floor.

Engine 671 crew began knocking the fire and attempting to make the second floor again, but with two fire fronts and the sudden loss of a water supply, crews were forced out of the structure. Crews operated well into the morning due to lack of access and cold temperatures. Lines had to be heated with flares before breaking them down. Command 23 (Deputy Howard) also obtained a Yellow Freight truck to transport the frozen lines.