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April 2, 2004
Quick stop on
Lancaster County
barn fire
Photos by Jamie Rohrer SR. and Glenn Usdin 
On 3/30 at  16:57 Units from 67 were alerted for a working barn fire in the 2800 block of Marietta Avenue.

The Wagon arrived with heavy smoke pushing out of sides 1 and 4. Crews stretched attack lines and opened up the ground floor doors. 

The attack was momentarily impeded by the explosion of a propane cylinder inside the barn.

The members of the initial attack crew were forcefully thrown back by the explosion. Truck 23 cracked the roof which was followed by Tower 67 flowing water in a below grade operation 

Mop up and overhaul was done by company 23. The companies on scene were Engines 671, 715, 76, Trucks 67, 23, 24 (RIT) and Rescue Squad 76. Command was Lt. Dommel. Trooper Herr was the investigating PSP Fire Marshal. No injuries were reported. 
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