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July 6, 2004
Fire company improves water supply

The Northmoreland Twp. Volunteer Fire Company in Centermoreland, PA,  just completed a water cistern project located next to the firehouse.  This cistern will enable the firefighters to have an immediate water supply to all of the town businesses and churches. 

The 7500 gallon holding tank is equipped with a dry hydrant head for drafting from a fire engine.  Fire Chief Chuck Story stated that this cistern will provide an extra level of protection for our main target hazards in the township.  These target hazards include the Centermoreland United Methodist Church and Parsonage, Northmoreland Baptist Church, Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church, Centermoreland Garage, Centermoreland Deli and Centermoreland Concrete along with all the residents in town.  These larger building would require a significant amount of water should a major fire occur.  With this cistern in place we are better able to hold the fire to a smaller scale. 

The project was completed at no expense to the fire department by donations from various companies.  Chief Story would like to thank Claverack Rural Electric for the Dry Hydrant head and sign, Centermoreland Concrete for the tank, crane and supplies to install the tank.  N & B Enterprises for the excavator truck and lowboy and Northmoreland Twp for the use of a dump truck and loader.

The work was completed by the volunteers and employees from the above businesses over the July 4th weekend. 

Pictured are Matthew Krispin (holding sign) in front and back row from left to right.  Marty Rafferty Assistant Chief, Jeff Plata Lieutenant and Dan Krispin N&B Enterprises.


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