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Fear on backburner, Changing face of 911 
Three years ago people came and went without a qualm. 
They were sad about the horrific events that led to hundreds of deaths in Oklahoma City in 1995 but did not see the act of an American, Timothy McVeigh, as all-out terrorism that should change their lives. He was caught, tried and executed and the bombing was viewed as a single incident, not the beginning of a movement that would bring more destruction and death.
No concern of W.T.C. collapse
among fire chiefs 
"None of the chiefs present believed a total collapse of either tower was possible," the report said in recounting the impromptu meeting that occurred at 9:20 a.m.
WTC trucks had wrong dust filters
A private contractor hired to clean up asbestos-tainted dust near Ground Zero in the days after Sept. 11 failed to use required filters on its vacuum trucks, a federal report shows.
FDNY seeks to extinguish rise in smoking 
The stress and loss of the World Trade Center attack has led many city firefighters and EMTs to smoke more. 
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  • FDNY:Retirements 2x the normal rate
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  • More reactions to 9/11 response
    The head of the fire officers union declared that a fire chief ordered firefighters down from the north tower of the World Trade Center at 9:32 a.m.
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  • FDNY Engine 6 recued from landfill
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  • Firefighter families get $100 million
  • Pace of FDNY recovery questioned
    Fire Commissioner Nicholas Scoppetta appeared before the City Council yesterday to justify the pace of progress in fixing FDNY organizational and technological problems that may have cost lives on Sept. 11
    9/11 firefighter contracted rare pneumonia
    Inhaled ash from World Trade Center thought to be the cause.
    FDNY commish grilled
    Lawmakers grilled Fire Commissioner Nicholas Scoppetta as emergency response took center stage at the City Council.
    Millionaires minted against their will
    The wealthy had never felt more cursed. Gathered in a conference room at the New York Marriott was such a concentration of fortune and misfortune that one man rose as if to speak for the crowd.
    FDNY rescue on display
    About 60 employees of General Safety Equipment in Wyoming donated about 2,000 hours of their time to build the truck. The chassis was donated by Mack Truck.
    Feds to launch 2 year, $16 M probe 
    Hoping to make skyscrapers stronger, federal officials are embarking on a two-year, $16 million investigation of the 9/11 WTC collapse. 
    FDNY apparatus still tainted
    Union FDNY complains apparatus is carrying remnants of toxic WTC dust.