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Rescue 5
Dunkirk Volunteer Fire Department
Calvert County Maryland

Rescue 5 is a 2003 Seagrave, which seats 6. The new rescue boasts a 500-gallon water tank, 30-gallon foam tank, a 1500 GPM pump, the Amkus Ultimate System, On-Spot chain system, 2 Hannay air reels, and 2 Hannay Electric Cord Reels. 

Also onboard is the Wilburt 6000 NightScan Light Tower, 2 Kwik-Raze Tripod lights, a 12,000 lb. Ramsey winch mounted in the front bumper, and a 5,000 lb Ramsey winch, which can be moved to either side of the body and mounted on installed hitches.

Also carried onboard are 48 of ground ladders, rope rescue equipment, Paratech Shores, and cold-water rescue suits, 500 of 3 hose and 500 of 1 ¾ hose. The new Rescue was also outfitted with a Q-2B siren, Whelen light package, powercall siren and dual Buell Airhorns.