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Jefferson Twp. Vol. Fire Co.
Lackawanna County PA
2003 Ferrara Igniter
Rescue 29 is a 2003 Ferrara Igniter powered by a 370 hp Cummins. Rescue 29 is first out on everything in the township with a hale two stage 1500gpm pump with a 750 gallon tank handle everything with ease. 

Rescue 29 is also equipped for vehicle rescue with Hurst Spreaders, "O" cutters, and 1 large and small Hurst ram. Also on the rig are two hi lift jacks, a set  of air bags large and small, air chisel with assorted bits and a sawz all. Assorted hand tools along with a K12 , chain saw and positive pressure fan are also on the truck. The rescue also has portable O2 and a BLS bag for rescue along with a back board.  A CO detector and heat gun round out the specialty tool cabinet. The rig also has a hydraulic generator with two mounted lights and two tripod lights with two extension cords for each including the sawz all.