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Pottsville Bureau of Fire
Good Intent Fire Company
Pottsville PA
KME Predator Pumper

The unit is a 2004 KME Fire Apparatus custom pumper.  It is built on a KME Predator XLFD chassis with a 22" raised roof.  The following are the main details of the apparatus:
    Engine: 515 HP Detroit Series 60 w/Jake Brake
    Transmission: Allison 4000 EVS
    Pump: 2000 GPM Hale QMAX
    Tank: 500 Gallon UPF Tank, (2) 30 Gallon Foam Cells
    Generator: Harrison 20kW Hydraulic
    Seating: 10 firefighters with (9) SCBA seats
Other features include:

  • 9000 Watt Wil-burt light tower with dual tilt controls 
  • TFT 18" electric deck gun extension with 2000 GPM Monsoon electric monitor 
  • 5" and 3" passengers side LDH discharges 
  • 2-1/2" preconnected bumper discharge 
  • (4) preconnected crosslays 
  • (3) preconnected hosebed discharges 
  • Hosebed space for 2000' - 5" and 500' - 3" 
  • Remote foam refill system for dual 30 gallon foam cells 
  • Foampro class A foam system to (7) preconnects and deck gun 
  • Akron in-line class B foam eductor for hosebed discharge 
  • 120 volt 500 watt quartz lighting: 1 forward, 2 rearward 
  • 12-volt 300 watt quartz lighting: 1 each side on cab 
  • Whelen LED warning light package including new Delta lightbar 
  • Firecom system for 10 seating positions and pump panel
The rig has a 190" wheelbase and approximate 32' overall length which allows it to navigate onto the tight streets in the city, while keeping a large amount of compartment space.  The compartment space is utilized for a large cache of forcible entry tools, hazmat equipment, hydraulic tools, air bag system, and various air monitoring equipment.  Engine 11 serves the City of Pottsville as an attack engine as well as providing FAST services for surrounding communities and specialized air monitoring services for Schuylkill County.