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Wholetones Music Reviews

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Wholetones Reviews – What are Wholetones Music?

Wholetones™ is an amazing set of music written and created by Michael Tyrrell. Each and every track of Wholetones has a unique frequency that can heal, soothe and relax you. The music created is named Wholetones as the tones of the music contain therapeutic properties.

They’re whole in terms of providing us with peace and mindfulness. Wholetones have a unique frequency that is scientifically proven for each and every track. It is a 156-minute long audio file containing about 7 unique tones for different aspects of healing and calming.

The audio tracks are made for specific niches. Some are made to make you relaxed, some to help you fall asleep, some to calm your pets and some to promote healing.

Wholetones Music has been proven, scientifically, to improve the quality of your sleep and calm your mind to help you achieve the best of your health.

It is one of the earliest healing techniques found by mankind. It has been clinically proven to improve your mood, energy, vibe, and levels of happiness.

Wholetones Reviews – Why should you listen to Wholetones audio tracks?

Wholetones have multiple audios with various frequencies to adjust to various organs of your body. If you want to relax and calm your mind, maintain a healthy heartbeat, let go of the stress and anxiety you’re holding on to, or have healthy sleep, Wholetones can help you do that!

The program is better than most pills and supplements that have dangerous side effects and impacts on your overall health. It has promoted the mind and energy of thousands of people who listen to these magical audios loaded with beautiful and connecting frequencies every day.

The speakers are loaded with audio that has about three hours of sleep-inducing, calming, relaxing, anxiety-healing, and stress-curing music.

If you have been looking for a natural way to reduce your worries and improve the quality of your sleep and health, Wholetones is the most amazing way to uplift your health.

Wholetones Reviews – How does Wholetones Music work?

Wholetones, created by Michael S Tyrrell, is an amazing frequency enhanced music that was originally created to heal the world through frequencies in music. The audio tracks are effectively designed to tap into your subconscious mind and help you relax and heal internally.

These frequencies have been scientifically proven to work to enhance your body’s chakras and functioning. Some tones are more effective than pills. In terms of healing sleep, Wholetones helps your mind become stable and stops you from overthinking all the time, and hence, promotes sleep.

Wholetones may help your pets calm down. This is especially very good when your pet suffers from anxiety and depression. You can simply play Wholetones and watch your pet calm down and fall asleep within minutes.

The long audio tracks will keep playing until you gain the energy and calmness to deal with the rest of your day.

Studies prove how listening to such frequencies can promote the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of humans as well as our furry pets. Wholetones is a saviour that saves us from the hassles of medicines, therapies, psychiatry, and so on!

Wholetones Music Review

What can you buy from the Wholetones website? How much will a product cost?

Let us have a look at the list of things you could buy from Wholetones’ website:

  • Speakers: The website allows you to buy Wholetones speakers such as Wholetones To Go (2nd Gen) worth $99, Wholetones 2Sleep (2nd Gen) worth $99, and Wholetones Pets and worth $45. Each speaker has a unique set of audio tracks for your specific healing benefits. The speakers come with various audio tracks built-in and have amazing sound qualities.
  • Sleep: In the sleep section, you can buy the Wholetones 2Sleep (2nd Gen) speakers worth $99; Live, Love, And Lullabies Value Bundle worth $79; Wholetones 2Sleep, Featuring Life, Love & Lullabies (3 CD’s) worth $69.95; Wholetones 2Sleep Digital Downloads worth $23.13 and Wholetones Serenity Sleeping Mask for $14.14. The sleeping bundle of goods promotes sleep in every form you see, be it CD, speakers, or digital form. You can listen to these frequencies to fall asleep faster.
  • Relax: In the relax section, you can buy the Wholetones To Go (2nd Gen) worth $99, Wholetones Chroma with Hardback Copy of “The Sound of Healing” worth $79.95, Wholetones Album on 7 CD’s and Hardcover Book $69.95, Wholetones Chroma DVD And Blu-Ray worth $33.02, Wholetones Healing Frequency Music Project Digital Album + Ebook worth $23.13, and Wholetones The Sound Of Healing Ebook worth $9.43. These products will help you relax faster and release the anger, agony, and pain you’ve been holding onto.
  • Pets: You get Wholetones Pets speaker for $45, Digital Download for $9.43, and Wholetones for Pets CD for $9.43. This helps calm down your pets and helps release anxiety in them. The frequencies have been scientifically tested to work on your pets.
  • Wind Chimes: You can buy Wind Chimes worth $119 that can help spread a peaceful vibe across your house and keep you cool and calm always.
  • Energy: The energy section comes with a unique CD set called Wholetones ACTIV 2 CD Set’ worth $18.88 and a digital download for $11.80. This bundle helps you remain active along with having peace of mind throughout the day. There are some simple activities, exercises, and stretches that you could do while listening to these frequencies for physical healing.
  • Bundles: The bundles include Platinum Package, Deep Sleep Combo, Sleep Combo and Life, Love, And Lullabies combo ranging from $238 to $79. These bundles make it affordable to have many products from the Wholetones website at the same time. They’re all very effective.
  • CD Singles: There are multiple CDs that have recorded frequencies for the healing of various areas. These are ‘The Majestic’, ‘Great Awakening’, ‘The Bridge’, ‘Transformation’, ‘The Key Of David’, ‘Desert Sojourn’ and ‘Open Door’. These are all $9.43! The CD titles explain how some of them have transformational, motivational, and inspirational abilities, while others have an awakening and manifesting abilities.
  • Christmas: The Digital and CD version of Christmas audio tracks are available at $9.43 only. These include joyful frequencies that can help lighten up the mood during the festive season. It can improve and bring a joyous vibe to your house or office.

Also, the website has a separate section for digital albums, singles and products on sale for the people who’re looking for specific frequencies and audios.

What are the benefits of listening to Wholetones Music?

Wholetones can have an amazing impact on your life.

Experience the Energetic You!

Wholetones’ Active helps you remain energetic throughout the day without having to consume extra coffee shots or have those sugar and carb-rich snacks.

It contains positively aggressive frequencies in the audio tracks that will instantly make you active. You know how you hear a pop song and start dancing because it has some vibes, yes, that’s the concept.

Have A Sound Sleep every day!

Rather than taking sleeping pills and suffering from side effects, Wholetones assists you to sleep better and soundly with the help of a clinically proven sleep solution. Wholetones 2Sleep audio tracks help your brain heal and rest so you can finally go to sleep.

Relax your mind, brain, and body in every way!

With the help of Wholetones ToGo, your body will be able to relax and have calm and peaceful energy. After a tiring day at work or over the weekend, you can rely on the frequencies as they help you become completely relaxed and calm.

This can be used to suppress anger, agony, depression, anxiety, envy, and other negative emotions. The music heals you in every way.

Let your pets relax too!

Have a pet who’s anxious always? Don’t worry! Wholetones Pets can help your pet calm down and experience the relaxing energy that overtakes his mind and body in every manner. You can put your pets to sleep with amazing tracks added to the speaker and digital downloads.

Wholetones Reviews – Why is Wholetones better than therapy?

You’ll spend thousands of dollars consulting various doctors and receive nothing in return. However, Wholetones can be purchased at once without any recurring or subscription costs. The results are permanent and life-changing.

Once you try Wholetones, you can’t help but listen to the frequencies every day. You only need a few minutes to relax, calm down, become peaceful, go to bed, become energetic, and have a good mood and physical health.

That’s what Wholetones does to you. Now ask yourself… Does any pill or therapy do that to you every day without any side effects? That’s the best part.

Michael explains how music is the only healing energy that has no negative health effects. It purely heals you the way you want to heal yourself. Additionally, everyone likes listening to great tracks!

Wholetones Reviews – Final Conclusion

Overall, Wholetones has been a highly recommended website across the globe. It has been used by more than 170+ countries and hundreds and thousands of people already. Michael is truly a star and he has gifted us with a boon for a lifetime.

Who has time to stress over things when we have frequencies that heal us? Who has excuses to remain low when we have ACTIV to keep us active?

You can click on the Streaming tab on the website to start your 14-day free trial. If you haven’t checked out the website yet, click below and give it a try.

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